pShops.. Feline Edition

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Back in 2003... there was a cat.. not just any cat! A local cat.. a nice cat.. a sweet little purr-monger with kitty-aids (feline leukemia). For some reason i took to him. Was it the look in his eyes? Those soft little whiskers? or..

Was it the fact that his name was Nigel... Nigel, the aids kitty. How could you not love him for the next half a decade through absurd photoshops?

I rest my case...

The picture that started it all, taken by the newspaper for the front page. For fun I decided to see if I could get a full face
After a bit of work, i was able to graft Nigel's right eary onto his left side, and fake some neck fur. Now he's ready!
My first attempt at taking the clean extraction for a test drive. I think Nigel looks good in red...
Nigel: bad ass grappler.
As a running gag, i would submit photos like this as lead art and see how long it took them to notice...
This is such an absurd photo without Nigel.. I think he ads a sense of calm to the scene.
What? There's some furry guy back there? who cares.. it's just a mug...
"Feline aids can get you down in your game, so be sure and rest a bit before going back out there!"
Ahh.. to remember those glory days, back when nigel won the California gubernatorial election..