Doodling what I think

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I was drawing on, what is the thing called? My daddy says it's a wacom tablet he got from his dad. Anyways...

I was thinking about halloween a while ago, and I thought about Vampires, and tricking a real person into drinking a blood drink. But instead of drawing a vampire and a person, one paying, one giving, I instead did a poster.

Vampire asking a regular person for blood drink on Halloween

Isn't it cool? I thought it would be better with a poster because I usually do stick people.

This second doodle is my name. I wanted to do more than my name because I thought if I put more designs on it, it would be more interesting. a plain name wouldn't be interesting at all!

Sparkys (Like my laptop's name) and my name, with a whole bunch of decorations

I put those sun looking things in there because they're actually sparks! It's almost pink because I love pink!