Maker Faire Thank You for Bre Pettis

Sylvia's picture

Dear Bre Pettis,

Thank you for coming to maker faire, I was so glad to meet you! I used to watch your weekend project videos from make, and from there I saw the other really cool stuff you did! I had no idea the maker bot stuff was so cool!! Thanks for giving me the little Star wars trooper guy helmet...

Awesome glasses, awesome hair, awesome maker bot!

Maybe someday I'll get to make my own Makerbot, and then I can make dolls, and rockets and gears and other fun platicky stuff! Until then I'll just have to put my brother's toys in my easy bake oven ;)

Bre pettis signed my autograph book!

Thank you again for all the cool things you've shown me and everyone else, and thank you for the picture and the autograph. I'm goign to keep making cool things with my dad and maybe one day I'll be as cool a maker as you!

love, Sylvia