Maker Faire Thank You for the EepyBird guys

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Dear Eepy Bird guys (Steven & Fritz),

Thank you for coming to Maker Faire! And thank you for the awesome show. I wasn't able to get very close, but my dad held me on his shoulders so I could see. I think if I was any closer, I would have gotten wet from the soda, so I guess it's for the best.

Fritz, Me and Stephen

My dad showed me your really cool sticky note video, it's awesome! I'm going to try it out myself soon! (Maybe with only one pad right now)

I wish I could have gotten a soda bottle from you guys, but I didn't get there soon enough. But I still have my great memories, and a photo and your autograph!! Also, thank you Fritz for being kind enough to squeeze some of the soda from your hair and make a soda-mark in my book. Stephen did it by accident =)

Notice the authentic soda splotch... Smells minty!

Thanks so much for a great show and for coming to the maker faire (And for signing my book)!

love, Sylvia



Thank you so much Stephen, I am still getting used to all this writing, I have my mom and dad help a little, just like with some of the projects that need some grown up help. I bet the sticky note pinwheel would be great to do at my birthday party and my friends will really like it! Thanks for all the help!

I really hope I can come to Maker Faire again next year, and I will make sure to come and see your show and say HI again if you're there! I love you guys, You're AWESOME!!!!

Hi Sylvia!

What a great blog page. So glad we got to take a picture with you! We love Maker Faire! We hope we'll be back at Maker Faire next year and if we are, come see us before a show, tell us who you are (you'll probably be bigger by then!) and we'll sign a bottle for you so you don't miss out.

When you try Sticky Notes, make sure to try the pinwheel. It only takes 24 sticky notes (12 pairs) and makes a great room decoration. There's a how to do it video of it here

Also: I would have squeezed some Diet Coke out of my hair for you but -- I don't have enough hair for that!