Maker Faire - An incredible experience

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A few photos from my trip to Maker Faire 2006 (the first one!). I hope to get over there this year though it may not be in the cards. An amazing experience that i recommend to anyone who considers themselves in the least bit interested in how things work, or gadgets, or re-purposing.. it's the ultimate in recycling!

Robo giraffe by Lindsay Lawlor (not my video)

This POV led display works on the wheels of your bike.. very cool (
you are now entering a hacker's wonderland
Maker Faire - An incredible experience
This grooving raving robotic giraffe made my kids stare in awe for at least 20 mins..
Just imagine this running around a 200sq ft lego world
At the play date, you can take apart your favorite gadgets ad try to make new ones