Lighted Piano Project

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These are some documentation shots of a project I've been working on for the past few years.. Using a MAX6955 LED controller communicating through a parallel port bit-banging the i2c protocol from a custom piece of software I wrote to feed a midi file through one note a a time to light that specific key, and wait for the key on the piano to be pressed.

Yes yes, I know it's been done, and done better... but this keyboard is weighted, and you can give it your own midi files!

the biggest problem I found was the hand seperation.. hmm... anyways.. bask in the awesome blue glow of 88 leds powered by a hacked USB cable...

Half done! 43 blue and 1 red led (middle c) running through the MAX6995
The very first angle test proof of concept for the white keys
The very first angle test proof of concept for the black keys
Side-view of the angular test
Aww! The MAX6955 looks so cozy in it's little prototyper board!
I actually had to find 88 of those little two prong wired motherboard jumpers.. I think that took 2 years to source
Hella hacky harnesing
Lighted Piano Project


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