Sylvia's Super-Awesome Maker Show Ep 2 almost done!

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After the most amazing Maker Faire ever, there's no rest for us! Sylvia got out there and handed out her cards to at least 30 amazing makers and booth workers, and the response has been amazing. Her show skyrocketed from 10 views to over 30k in a little over 2 weeks! I guess that means we're vested! Now if only I was properly employed to support these all video shenanigans...

Sylvia on set, filming the last of the pickup shots for Episode 2 of Sylvia's Super-Awesome Maker Show

It was decided before our trip, that the next episode would be about the trip. Since the moment we got home, it's been a crazy ride getting all the footage together, assembling the words, recording extra parts, and trying to make sure it's still a maker show, not just a watching show. Her and I also whipped up some designs on CafePress, meant solely as a means of starting her college fund (We're aiming for MIT, even though Stanford's not bad), filmed another hour of footage, and did voice overs for the entire Maker Faire recap. Whew!

The really good news is, we should be wrapping post production on this giant ball of coolness we call episode two, within the coming week! It's so incredibly epic, it's going to take TWO videos to fit it all in! Tell all your friends when it comes out. We'll be announcing it here on tn42, twitter, youtube and anywhere else we can. See ya then!

Stephen & Fritz of EeepyBird with Sylvia!! This is a triumph!