Robot Adventure: Part 1

Sylvia's picture

Hi everyone! You'll all be amazed to hear, I finally made a robot! (With my dad...).

I've always wanted to make a little buggy bot that goes around the house doing stuff.. so.. here he is!! Sorta...

Sylvia's no name robot.. Can you think of a name?

He's got a long way to go. My dad says we have to start simple, or it'll never get done... I still think it needs lasers first. How else will it fight the evil dust bunny empire???

Anyways, he uses two solorbotics motors my grandma bought me for a present, a happy blue arduino for it's brain (not in the picture, my dad stole it for his piano thing...) and an adafruit (go ladyada!) motor shield I helped solder together!

My little robot's bottom.. or robo-butt
So, for right now, he doesn't have a name, OR lasers, or any way to SEE.. I have to save up my allowance for some ping sensors.. or.. something. I think I want him to talk. My dad also helped me make an adafruit wave shield, so I could make it talk.. but. .i still need to think of something for him to say.. hmm

How about "I am the dust bunny killer.. yarrr!!!"..

Izabell loves to go riding around town
Here's my sock monkey Izabell riding my new robot off road!! Go Izzy! (not really... without the arduino, the bot doesn't go too far :P)

So if anyone out there has some cool ideas for a name for my robot, let me know! I love to get comments!



Could you use a rotating duster rather than lasers? Less spectacular but also less drain on your batteries. Hot glue gun = good, but hot glue = V hottttt!!!!

That is a good idea! Thanks for all the comments, I like how your giving me all these tips. That is very nice of you. I will post again after we work on the robot some more.

Great blog Sylvia! Go get them dust bunnies!

I will!... Just as soon as I get those lasers on there.. and something to keep those wheels on better. maybe some hot glue..