Maker Faire Thank You for Natalie Zee Drieu

Sylvia's picture

Dear Natalie,

Thank you for meeting me and my Mom. We had a great time making those paper bead necklaces at the Maker Faire with you. You are so nice! i really wanted to get a subscription to the magazine, but I heard it wasn't going to be made anymore, except for online. this made me and my mom kinda sad, but at least we know we can still do fun craft stuff there.

Me and Natalie, Editor of craft magazine. She's so cool!

I wished we could do some more together at Maker Faire, but we had to go to the Adam Savage talk (Which was also fun!). Also, Maker Faire is really really big, and there was so much to do! And we didn't even get to see or do all of it. Hopefully we can come and see you next year! I'll be patient ;)

Because of you I decided to get a sock monkey kit, and here she is! Isn't she wonderful?

My sock monkey.. her name is Izabell. I bring here wherever I go.

I helped make her myself (mommy helped a lot with the sewing). I helped get her some accessories.. She's also a doctor on the side (and a princess!)

My mom has a bug, and now is making them for everybody! She might even make one for my dad!

Thank you, thank you, thank you for helping make my maker faire great! (and crafty), and for signing my book and for the picture..

love, Sylvia