Maker Faire Thank You for Ladyada

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Dear Ladyada (Limor),

Thank you soooo much for signing my autograph book. I know you were busy and had lots of things to do, but you still gave me some time! Thank you!! You are so amazing for all the cool electronic and crafty stuff you work on.

It's hard to find other girls who like electronics and robots and stuff anywhere, but your stuff helps me and dad says you're a great role model.

Ladyada is so cool!

We bought your motor shield and the wave shield for our little robot. I helped solder both of them and maybe soon we'll have our little bot rolling and talking!

My biz card doodles  1

Also, you gave me your card with all the little gears in it. It is SOO COOL!!. Here's some pictures of what I've done..

Family's biz card doodles  2

The whole family loved it so much they filled up my whole spelling list!

Thank you again for being there!

love, Sylvia



SOO COOL!! is right. It is great to see young women getting into electronics, robots, etc., and LadyAda ... you rock!