Maker Faire Thank You for John Park

Sylvia's picture

Dear John Park,

It was awesome to actually meet you in person! I've seen a bunch of your videos for make TV. It's so cool the stuff you get to make! I haven't had a chance to make any of the things you've shown, but I can't wait until I can! I like the t-shirt cannon best so far. I also really really liked the little train typer thing you did. I wish i had one in my house, then i could send messages to my sister using a little train track.

Me and John park, make TV host and super cool maker!

We don't get TV here anymore, but my dad downloads the shows and puts them on the TV computer. My family sits down and watches the show, and one of my favorite parts is seeing what you're going to build.

John Park's autograph in my book!

Thank you so much for doing such a great job being a maker! And showing kids like me how to do make cool stuff. Also thank you for signing my book and letting me get a picture with you. I'm going to tell all my friends at school that I met you.. They're going to be soo jealous!

love, Sylvia



Dear Sylvia,
I loved seeing your blog post, thanks so much! It was wonderful to meet you too, you were the first person at Maker Faire to try out the Rail-O-Graph train system. I'm happy that you like the TV show and are interested in making cool stuff.
P.S. Your ninja photo is awesome! My son and daughter will be jealous when I show them :)

Oh thank you so much for coming and leaving a comment! Thank you thank you! Your kids don't have to be jealous, my dad put up instructions on how to be a ninja here! all it takes is a t-shirt and some ninja attitude! go ninjas! (Shhhh)