Maker Faire Thank You for Emily Duffy

Sylvia's picture

Dear Emily Duffy,

Thank you so much for being at maker faire! I had a very cool time there, and you were a big part of it. I love making art, but I had no idea you could do so much to a car!! I've never seen an art car like that before.. or very many art cars ever.

Me and Emily, the coolest woman with the craziest pink car!

Thank you also for the candy. It was very good and I also got a chance to see all the work you put into your big pink "vain van". My dad showed me on your website all the other really cool stuff you've done. I wish I had a car to paint and stick stuff too! Maybe my dad will let me do his ;)

Emily's autograph in my book

Thank you so much for being so nice, and for letting me get a picture and your autograph. I hope someday I'll see you again and then I can show you my art.

love, Sylvia