Maker Faire Thank You for Adam Savage

Sylvia's picture

Dear Adam,

Thank you sooo sooo sooo much for coming to Maker Faire!!! I loved your talk on failure.. I don't do so well at everything yet, but I'm getting better. you help me think about how whenever you do things that don't work, it's not a bad thing.

Even if it feels like it :P

The scan of Adam's page in my autograph book. He's so nice!!

Thank you for signing my autograph book, and for getting a picture with me (and my dad). I watch your show ALLL the time!!! My dad rushes home from work every wednesday to watch with the whole family. Someday my dad would like to be a Mythbuster, or to try and work doing movie stuff. He builds robots with me too.

Maybe someday you can show ME how to be a mythbuster! Thank you again for giving me the chance to meet you! You're awesome!!!!

love, Sylvia

PS ------ I hope we get to meet each other again someday. You should come to my school and tell us about hot water heaters!