Maker Faire, new website and more

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Long time no blog! Glad to be back and finally have the time to catch up with everything.

A quick recap: May 21st brought us to the 10th annual Maker Faire (The 6th in San Mateo), with Sylvia and I running two demos at the Make: Live stage.

Sylvia and Techninja at the Make: Live demo

Just before Maker Faire, we launched the brand new website:! The hub for all things Super-Awesome, including detailed episode project pages, idea submission form, galleries, blog posts and more. All the previous posts living here on have been moved over (though you can still find them in the search). Soon we’ll be launching a few new ideas we’re cooking up to help makers learn more, and will provide semi-frequent updates about future shows and community feedback.

We'll still be doing posts here, but less about Sylvia's show, and more a bit on art, technology, or anything else out of scope to the show (which is admittedly pretty hard to find, at least in our hobbies!).

Check out the latest Blog post for more demo details, plans for this summer and more.