Job Search 2009 - Week 4

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One full month now of unemployment after nearly a decade. And how's it going? Well...

The first real start of my job search was week number two, as there was still lots of loose ends to tie up with GCM in week number one. With week two handing me a great in from a friend, week three had me settling into the swing of things with resume polishing and eagle-eyed craigslist grabs from mom.

I'm proud to say I've successfully interviewed at number of great local places, with great people. I'll be giving call backs later in the week to some of them to make sure they want me. My field of expertise is vast and difficult to pin down, so for now I'm applying mostly for web developer. For the sake of good news toward that effect, the open source CMS I've been working diligently with for years (Drupal!) was just chosen as the CMS for the Whitehouse and US government. I knew the years of work and dedication wouldn't be for naught.

Thanks to a surprise profit-sharing windfall, I'll be able to make rent and buy some food for November, and as long as I bust my chops to land a real job before too long I can pay my bills too =)

...and now for something completely different:

ehh.. This is blatant non-sequitor. Enjoy.