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Hi everybody! It's been forever since I had a post, so my dad finally got me to make one. It's Halloween! I wanted to do a Halloween post because I felt like it needed a little bit of a changeup.

Here's me making my jack-o-lantern

Goopy goopy goop, scoop scoop scoop

And outside and lit up!

Here's my pumkin all lit up

And me dressed up for school...

I didn't want to be a princess for my school costume parade, so I went as Coraline! I'm wearing fuzzy striped gloves u can't see

I wanted to be Coraline for Halloween because we had already bought the blue hair spray, and I happened to have a sweater with stars on it and some striped gloves. I had a princess dress that I wore for my little cousin's birthday party, but I didn't want it to get dirty at school.