Goodbye GCM

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After nearly 7 full years of full time employment at Gold Country Media, today I sign off. It's been fun, and it's been harrowing. I've worked my fingers to the bone for the company over the years, and for the most part, it's been worthwhile. The people are what makes the time worth it most of the time.

Goodbye GCM

A working professional business relationship is an amazing balancing act of communication, dedication and patience. Without the correct weighting of these, every day can be a challenge. I found most of my working relationships delightful and stable, with kind bright faces eager to please, and willing to put their noses to the grindstone for deadlines (which was pretty much every day). It doesn't just mean being a worker drone, but being human as well. Take the work lightheartedly, but always do your best in the time given.

Having put in my share of extra hours, doing as much as possible to make due for them, and completely changing my regular job duties over the course of a few years, I had hoped for slightly better reception, to little avail.

It was my time to go, as many have said to me over the years. Here's hoping the next destination will have as many amazing people.



Hey James - did you see my e-mail? Write back. I might have a hot job lead for you and I can't find your phone number.

JAMES! You will be missed. You taught me some awesome tips and tricks in Photoshop and I generally regarded you as an eccentric computer wiz with a big heart and an even bigger appetite! Truly one of AJs great characters.

Good luck in your future endeavors! I have no doubt that, as long as it involves computers or the web, you will find great success.


I'm so sorry. We have lost a great talent. I will miss you.
I do remember when you started in CS.
You have alot to offer any company, so go out there and find your claim to fame. You will be missed.
Take Care,

James I for one will surely miss you. Things just will not be the same around here without you. Take care of yourself and your lovely family and do drop by and say "Hi" once in awhile and let us know how you are doing! Best to you always, Sandy